Most large size organisations have a role dedicated to an in-house financial expert who assists with day-to-day financial decisions. However running a business, without the support of an in-house expert can be a daunting and sometimes lonely task. At the Carey Group we have a highly skilled team that can help.


The Carey Group can tailor our services to suit your business’s needs and to an act as your External Chief Financial Officer (CFO).


Is your business maximising its potential or do you need a highly skilled professional to assist with key business decisions?


The Carey Group can help with any of the following:

  • • Acquiring a business 
    • Reviewing and Improving your business processes
    • Improving your business’ profits
    • Setting and reviewing of Key Performance Indicators
    • Strategic and business planning
    • Feasibility studies of new markets and new products
    • Budget setting and monitoring
    • Raising funds through business investment syndication
    • Selling your business
    • Valuing your business
    • Succession planning